Friday, February 1, 2013

So happy right now.

     Nellie McKay is my heroin. I drop everything, whatever I'm doing, and feel warm all over whenever I hear her. Sometimes I forget and I'll have the iTunes on random and all of a sudden one of her songs will come on and no matter what I'm doing, writing, surfing, playing, I have to stop and dive into her and feel her warmth all around me. I've loved her for years and she still gets me. Not to sound egotistical, but if you were interested in me, just be her. I can't imagine I'd ever lose interest.


  1. Happy for you, that there is something (or someone) that brings you to this level of happiness.. I can't say that I have ever heard of her, but I will give her a listen to know what you are talking about.. I am always on the lookout for something good.

  2. "Get Away from Me" and "Pretty Little Head" are two of my favorite albums. You have to get them! Have to! Get! Them!